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Week Events 19-23 Feb 2018

Feb 19, 2018 11:44:36 AM / Creado por: Naonei / Sección: Rosh

Hello, Heroes of Asmara!  These are the #DailyEvents created by our GMs for this week:

Kill the GM

On Friday, Feb 23rd you have to defeat the GM and show all you can do! The one who gives the K.O. punch wins. It won't be easy! The event will be between 17:00h and 20:00h server time.


  • There will be only ONE winner.
  • PK is allowed and the GM can attack all players (only PK)

GM Boss Event

On Wednesday, Feb 21th  between 17:00h and 20:00h (server time) the GM will spawn some Bosses and he will notice you two times, one to announce the right time of the event, and second one will be only 5 minutes with the right placement, so be ready and run fast to catch the Boss!


  • PK is not allowed .

Game Events (rates)

Our rates for this monday to friday week are: Feb 19th - Feb 23rd: Fletta x3 + Exp x3


Regards Asmarians! 

Escrito por Naonei

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