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Events Jan 5th to 9th

Jan 4, 2017 6:28:42 PM / Creado por: Naonei / Sección: Rosh

[GM]Magnvs: Questions and Answers
On January 4th at 8 PM (GMT+1) you have to think a bit if you want to win. [GM]Magnvs will ask you some questions (2 in Spanish, and 2 in Turkish). Those who whisper the answer get:

- Moneda de Lotería x1
- Roca de la Suerte x1

[GM]Magnvs: Object collecting

On January 5th at 8 PM (GMT +1) the GM will ask you to bring some items that you have to pick up around all Asmara. The first nine to collect them get:
- Moneda de Lotería x1
- Roca de la Suerte x1

[GM]Arat and [GM]Nimbus: PK Hunting

On January 6th at 8 PM (GMT +1) we will ask for volunteers who would like to participate in the hunting. They should run through the map and avoid getting hunt during the time the GM orders. If you make it, you win; if you don't, you lose.

[GM]ARAT: Find the GM
On January 9th at 8 PM (GMT+1) you have to find the GM if you want to get your reward!

x5 events are over on January 6th

Forum event: [Evento MULTIMEDIA] Mascotas a la moda

And for the weekend: x7 EXP

Good luck and see ya! 

Escrito por Naonei

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