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Accept the Challenge!

Dec 5, 2016 6:29:53 PM / Creado por: Naonei / Sección: Rosh

After getting all the test right, the time has come. Well, almost. You still have to wait a coulpe of days more. Are you ready for the biggest update of Rosh Online?

The necromancer's workshop is a central place where mutant monsters resurfaced created in the Catacombs, in Heristum. The necromancers were not welcome for their terrible medical experiments with living beings and their studies with corpses. Now they have escaped from the watchmen of Asmara and have settled in Heristum, a border area with Asmara.
Heristum is an ideal place to hide and study, there the public order is not stable and wars are constant. It is also quite easy to find bodies in the area, for their terrible experiments, being a place of combat.
Some warriors were very curious about this recent phenomenon, and that is why they began to investigate the area. They discovered in the catacombs an area where mutant monsters originated and collected physical samples from them to bring them to the highest authority.
The necromancers realized what had happened and decided to build a dungeon where they could protect themselves and carry out their studies without anyone discovering them.


  • - New quests with plenty of action!

Did you think you were the best? That's still to be seen!  These new quests will make you quiver.

  • - New dungeons: Necromancer Workshop, Necromancer lab, Lab from the Other World

You will live the best and worst moments of your life in these dungeons.

  • - New weapons and armors

Your main character will improve  its capabilities to face the hardest challenges.

  • - New SHINNY legendary weapons

Click on THISto see all the new legendary weapons!

Update 105: December 8th

You can't miss it!

Escrito por Naonei

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