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2nd Anniversary Rosh Online: And... Action!

Jun 17, 2016 4:39:32 PM / Creado por: Naonei / Sección: Rosh

Hello, heroes!

It’s party time in Rosh Online! In a few weeks, we will have already been one more year right next to you! And we are going to celebrate it like crazy, because you guys are the star of this party! Some different events will be held along the month. You will have to show the world how good of a warrior you are. Well, that is if you can, of course… :PAnd what exactly do you have to do in this first event? Easy: You have to create a video or a photo collage where you show us the most epic battles you’ve ever had. If you’ve had any. There are some rules you have to follow:

  • Say your character’s nickname.
  • Because we are too nice, we decided that you can choose either a video or a photo collage. In both cases, you will have to upload it to YouTube and copy the link on a post of the game’s blog. You’re welcome, by the way.
  • The video can’t be longer than 2 minutes and a half. Only one video per user is allowed.
  • You can record your main or another character’s battles.

The event may be modified in any moment by the staff with prior notice. No offensive or disrespectful language is allowed, resulting in the automatic disqualification of the user.

The event will last from June 17th to 30th. The winners will be announced on July 1st on the forum and in-game. The prizes will be awarded on the same day: a Weapon shield X50, an Armor shield X50 and 75KK Karat.

The three most voted videos will be the winners. So, three of you can win the prizes. Plus, the more you share the video with your friends, the merrier.

By the way, your videos better be creative, because you will have a hard time otherwise!

Best of luck!

Escrito por Naonei

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